Allocating Time for Examination Activities

Add Information Technology Experts in the Process trending idea

My idea is to give expert consultants to examiners at the first office action that can fully explain the fundamentals of the technology they are examining. Then if needed, allow the expert to have conf call with the examiner and the applicant.


This will save months of examining high technology applications and save much resources for examiners in the long run.


In this modern age, we cannot expect examiners to keep up to date with all the various technologies, especially information technologies. Innovations are coming in faster and faster day by day. No normal human can keep up with it, we need to add experts to help out.


I had a patent application that was rejected many times before approval and the main reason it took so long was that the examiner did not understand the fundamentals of information technology as it relates to distributed systems.


The examiner eventually told me he discussed with some experts and now understood my application, but this was after four years of going back and forth with me. I was extremely frustrated when before the examiner equated an image as the same thing as a web page. But after talking to experts, the examiner was in much better position to discuss the application. Then we were finally able to move it to granted status.




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